Raymond Schroyens himself saw his artistic output as being directly rooted in expressive sentiments and moods of the past, yet being of its own time in sound and idiom; he used to characterize his music as contemporary/(late) romantic.

“My vocal music is strongly attached to the natural prosody of the text. The flow of the sentences depends upon the impact of the basic binary and ternary meter of the individual words, whence the continuously changing time signatures. The approach should result in a flowing legato singing”.


“The difference between my vocal and my instrumental writing is determined by the natural limits of both these media. I avoid exceeding the compass of the human voice, preferably dividing vocal parts rather than straining the singers' voices. In instrumental scores, however, one can extend the limits much farther and also introduce more complicated rhythms. Nevertheless, I often like to think in vocal terms while writing for instrumental parts; exceptionally, the opposite is also true. Influenced by the new German choral esthetics of the late 50s I wrote various works for choir and a number of folksong arrangements; my instrumental approach was to a certain degree affected likewise”.


“Although style evolves rather slowly and spreads itself over several years, a change of expression does become noticeable. Just as in speech, musical vocabulary, composition of sentences, flavor of harmonic sounds, all obey a time change and different discipline. In my later choral and instrumental music, the use of bitonal chords in super-position has become prominent; this creates an organ-inspired sound effect and thus adds an appealing gravity to the performance”.

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